Spectrum News / Siena College Wisconsin Poll:

  • Senate: Johnson 47% – Barnes 45%
  • Governor: Evers 47% – Michels 45%
  • Half Say Wisconsin Headed in Wrong Direction; 2/3 Say Country Headed in Wrong Direction
  • Biden & Trump Favorability Ratings Remain Negative

Siena College Research Institute Director Dr. Don Levy said: “The battle for the U.S. Senate between Johnson and Barnes remains a down-to-the-wire race. Barnes’ paper thin one-point lead in September is now a tilt toward Johnson by two points. Johnson’s favorability rating, 43-50%, remains underwater but is up from 37-50% last month. Barnes has a nearly identical 43-48% favorability rating, down from 41-39% in September.

“Evers’ five-point September lead is now down to a narrow two-point edge. Michels and Evers are each viewed unfavorably by nearly half of voters. Evers is viewed favorably by 46% of voters, compared to 37% for Michels.”