Policy of Non-partisanship

Non-partisanship at the Siena College Research Institute (SCRI)

The Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) is a non-partisan organization conducting political, economic, and social research at Siena College. SCRI does not support or oppose candidates for public office in any election, does not take a stand for or against a political party, and does not advocate action on public policy positions for the benefit of any candidate or political party. Non-partisanship respects the diversity of political opinions of all people. Thus, non-partisanship is critical to the effectiveness of the Siena College Research Institute’s mission to advance and support the progress of political, economic, and social survey research.

Prohibited Activities While Working for or Representing SCRI
The Siena College Research Institute as an organization should be non-partisan when working for or representing the organization. The Siena College Research Institute members acting in official capacity and sponsored events, may not:

  • Endorse or oppose a candidate running for public office.
  • Make a campaign contribution or expenditure for or against a candidate.
  • Rate candidates on who is most favorable to an issue.
  • Let candidates use the organization’s facilities or resources, unless those resources are made equally available to all candidates at their fair market value.
  • Use Siena College Research Institute’s resources, including email accounts, computers and phones, or sponsored events for partisan political activity.
  • Display candidate materials or signs or wear partisan buttons or attire or express exuberance for or against candidate or issue statements.
  • Hold a concurrent paid partisan position with a party, candidate, or cause.

Political Activity and Preference in Private Capacity

The Siena College Research Institute does not ask its staff about their individual political activities, and the organization remains strictly non-partisan. However, as individuals and on their own “off the clock” or personal time, members may support political parties and candidates for public office. This policy does not impact the rights of the Siena College Research Institute members to vote for any candidate or issue or to engage in other forms of personal political activities so long as they do not use their Siena College Research Institute affiliation when doing so. These may include:

  • Contributing money to a candidate, political party, political action committee or political cause;
  • Registering for a political party or as an “independent”;
  • Working in other non-partisan capacities to register voters, help operate a polling station, or count voters;
  • Signing nominating petitions to support getting a candidate or an issue on the ballot; and
  • Attending a political rally or participating in a demonstration or protest.