First Ladies Study

The First Ladies Study has been conducted five times over the past thirty-one years. Results have been cited or published in journals, and both academic and popular outlets including Presidential Quarterly, Betty Boyd Caroli’s First Ladies, American First Ladies edited by Lewis L. Gould, the New York Times and CBS as well as used by high schools and colleges to stimulate interest in First Ladies.

2014 Study

In 2014, the Siena College Research Institute collaborated with C-SPAN and The White House Historical Association to conduct its fifth comprehensive study of the First Ladies of the United States.

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To see more about the First Ladies study and the C-SPAN First Ladies: Image and Influence series visit the C-SPAN site.

2008 Study

In the 2008 study, SCRI found that experts continued to rank Eleanor Roosevelt number one and Hillary Clinton climbed from number five to number four.

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2003 Study

In the 2003 study, while Roosevelt remained on top, Hillary Clinton moved from second place to fifth and Jackie Kennedy moved from seventh to fourth.

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1993 Study

Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush pushed Martha Washington out of the top 10.  

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1982 Study

The very first SCRI First Ladies study found that Eleanor Roosevelt was rated number one, while Mary Todd Lincoln was ranked as last.

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