Spectrum News / Siena College NY 19th Congressional District Poll:

  • U.S. House: Riley – 48% Molinaro – 43%
  • (September: Riley – 46% Molinaro – 41%)
  • Governor: Zeldin – 50%   Hochul – 45%
  • (September: Zeldin – 46%   Hochul – 45%)
  • Voters Support Democrat Riley by 5 Points for Congress & Republican Zeldin by 5 Points for Governor;
  • Riley Viewed Favorably, 39-26%; Molinaro Unfavorably, 31-37%

Siena College Research Institute pollster Steven Greenberg said: “Little has changed in the dynamics of the NY19 race in the last month. Both candidates continue to do a good job of holding voters of their party – Riley slightly better then and now – and Riley continues to lead with independents, now 12 points up from six last month. While Riley was less known last month, he’s caught Molinaro in that regard and has a positive favorability rating, compared to Molinaro’s negative favorability rating. 

“Zeldin has opened a small gap between him and Hochul – five points, up from a single point last month – and he has a significantly better favorability rating, 44-36%, than Hochul, 40-50%.

The race for the new NY19 was close last month and remains close heading into the final days. It comes down to three things: turnout, turnout, turnout.”