Business Leaders Study

Since 2007 Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) has been conducting an annual survey of Upstate New York Business Leaders. The Business Leaders Study measures the perceptions that business leaders have of the current and future business conditions for Upstate New York including: business leaders’ confidence, expectations for revenues, profits, labor force and challenges for the year ahead.  Read more about the Business Leaders Study…

"Private sector employees across the nation share several common concerns including workforce shortages, the economy, and taxes. For over 15 years this poll has helped shaped our policy agenda in New York State and informed public officials as to the challenges facing business leaders. As the Chair of NASC I am eager to share this survey with my colleagues across the country so they too can use this tool as a way to improve the business climate and grow our economies all across the country."
Heather Mulligan
Chair of National Association of State Chambers

2023 Upstate NY Business Leader Study Event  

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"CEOs across Upstate, buffeted by inflation, say they face a challenging year. Many are frustrated that despite a need for quality talent, they struggle to recruit and retain employees. Still, two-thirds proudly predict that their businesses will remain vibrant in New York for another decade. We hope this study serves not only to demonstrate the current hurdles our businesses face but also to invite students and young people to bring their energy and openness to disruptive technologies, to businesses and the workforce, and to ultimately create a new and prosperous New York."
Dr. Don Levy
Don Levy
Director of SCRI

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Join the Siena College Research Institute and The Business Council of NYS for a review of the 16th Annual Business Leaders Study

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