The New York Times / Siena College Pennsylvania Poll:

  • Senate: Fetterman 49% – Oz 44%
  • Governor: Shapiro 53% – Mastriano 40%
  • Voters Evenly Divided on Senate Control 46-46%; Biden Job Approval 42-54%; Economic Issues more Important to Voters than Societal Issues 50-34%

Siena College Research Institute Director Dr. Don Levy said: “Fetterman does a slightly better job of holding Democrats, leading 92-3%, than Oz does with Republicans, leading 87-9%, and Fetterman has a small 48-43% lead with independents. Men back Oz by eight points and women favor Fetterman by 17 points. White voters are closely divided, leaning toward Oz by two points, while non-white voters back Fetterman  71-23%. Both have underwater favorability ratings, Fetterman 44-47% and Oz 38-50%.

“Shapiro has a considerably larger lead over Mastriano compared to the Senate race because Shapiro picks up more Republican support, trailing 80-16%, and he has a far larger 19-point lead with independents, 53-34%. Additionally, Shapiro’s favorability rating is 51-33%, compared to a negative 33-49% favorability rating for Mastriano.”

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