Pluralities of Likely Voters Say Biden’s Policies Hurt Them Personally and Trump’s Policies Helped Them

  • 72% Describe Nation’s Economy as Only Fair or Poor, 28% Say Excellent or Good
  • Majority, 51-41%, Support Making it Harder for Migrants to Seek Asylum

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“While over twice as many likely voters, 44-20%, think Joe Biden’s policies have hurt rather than helped them personally, when voters look back on Donald Trump’s presidency, they say his policies helped rather than hurt them by 42-27%,” according to SCRI’s Director, Don Levy.  “Seventy-two percent of all likely voters describe the U.S. economy as no better than only fair – 22% – or poor (50%).  Majorities of every demographic group except only Democrats give the economy negative grades.  Among Democrats, 52% say the economy is excellent or good but still, 48% call it only fair or poor.  A small majority, 51-42% support making it harder for migrants at the southern border to seek asylum in the United States.”