Sample Projects

SCRI is a respected public opinion polling institute recognized both locally and nationally.  Results of these surveys are consistently cited and published in major regional and national newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times, as well as in magazines, scholarly journals, books and both print and web-based encyclopedias.  SCRI has been featured on national television shows on MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN.  SCRI is also regularly featured in local and national radio including NPR and Fox News Radio. 

While SCRI is most known for its political surveys, it also regularly conducts client work for non-profits, government agencies, health-related organizations, hospitals, and for-profit businesses.

Sample of Client Projects:

  • AARP
    Study of New York Residents and their Retirement Preparedness
  • Albany BID
    Study to Understand Future Needs for Affordable Living
  • Albany County Department of Health
    Disaster Preparedness, Health and Nutrition
  • Albany Promise Cradle 2 Career Initiative
    Survey of Residents and Stakeholders on the Perception of Life Chances
  • Alliance for Clean Energy New York
    Survey of Long Islanders; Offshore Wind
  • AT&T
    Teen Cyber Census Study, Use of Phone and App Study
  • Columbia County Healthcare Consortium
    Healthcare in Underserved Populations with Inadequate or no Health Insurance
  • Community Hospice
    Awareness, Attitudes Towards, and Likelihood of Use of the Community Hospice
  • Datahaven
    Statewide Survey of Residents on Community Wellbeing, Regional Community Wellbeing Survey
  • Girls Scouts of Northeast NY
    Focus Group Study of Urban Troops and the Challenges they face
  • Greene County Rural Health Network
    Study to Assess Behavior and Attitudes About Issues of Health and Nutrition
  • Healthcare Association of New York State
    Attitudes and Opinions of Registered Voters on Medicaid and Healthcare Policies, Study of Nurses, Focus Groups on Nurse Staffing
  • Healthy Capital District Initiative  Community Needs Assessment
  • Horizon Wind
    Survey of Attitudes toward the development of Wind Farm
  • Long Island Association
    Study of Long Island Business Leaders, Study of Long Island Issues
  • Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases Prevention Study (LTDPS)
  • National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement
    Survey of College Students across the nation (80 colleges and universities)
  • Newsday
    Polling Long Island on Political and Social Issues
  • New York State Association of Firefighters
    Survey of residents’ attitudes toward sprinkler systems
  • New York State Association of Realtors
    Survey of residents’ Plans to Purchase Homes, survey of residents on Policies Affecting First-time Buyers
  • New York State Community Well-being Survey
  • New York City Department of Culture
    Survey of NYC residents Measuring Level of Participation in Arts and Culture
  • New York State Department of Aging
    Study of seniors and their Access to Legal Help
  • New York State Department of Health
    Annual Population Health Survey, Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases Prevention Study (LTDPS), and Community Needs Assessments
  • New York State Education Department
    Study of Attitudes toward the Common Core
  • New York State Library Association
    Study of Library Use
  • New York State Office of Aging
    Study of Services
  • New York Times
    Quality of Life Survey, The Tony Awards Survey, numerous political surveys
  • New Yorkers Volunteer
    Study of Civic Engagement for New Yorkers
    Survey of Local Government Services
  • Police Executive Research Forum, Washington, DC
    Before and After Study of a specific police program on Long Island, NY
  • Red Cross
    Disaster Preparedness in Onondaga County
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
    Survey of residents to examine Equity and Systemic Poverty, Survey on Race Relations
  • Schenectady County Public Health Services
    Quality of Life Survey (Including general health questions)
  • Schenectady Metroplex
    Use, Perception, and Need Study of the downtown development of the City of Schenectady
  • Tobacco Free Action Coalitions
    Multiple studies for multiple coalitions throughout the state
  • The Aspen Institute  Washington, DC
    Study of Level of Play in Neighborhood and Organized Sports and Activities