Newsday/Siena College Poll: CD 3 Special Election

  • Suozzi Leads Pilip, 48-44% Among Likely Special Election Voters
  • Voters Say Pilip Will Do a Better Job on Migrant Influx & Will Make Progress on Lessening Tax burden; Suozzi Will do a Better Job on Protecting Democracy & Addressing Abortion
  • Among Likely Special Election Voters, Trump Tops Biden by 5 Points, 47-42%


“Vying to fill the seat vacated by George Santos, former Congressman and Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi holds a slim 4-point advantage over Republican Mazi Pilip in the special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional seat,” said Don Levy, Siena College Research Institute’s Director. “While both candidates have nearly breakeven favorability ratings, Suozzi is seen by voters as likely to do a better job on protecting democracy, addressing the issue of abortion, determining aid to Ukraine and making Congress work more effectively while Pilip is viewed as better on addressing the influx of migrants and by a slim margin on establishing American policy towards the Israel-Hamas war.”

“Although these voters are special election voters – the most likely of likely voters – it is noteworthy that despite Suozzi holding a 4-point edge over Pilip, voters say that if they could vote in the 2024 Presidential election today, they give former President Donald Trump a 5-point advantage over President Joe Biden.  Both leading presidential candidates are seen negatively by voters, Trump’s numbers are 15 points negative while Biden’s are 18 points negative.”