Spectrum News / Siena College NY 22nd Congressional District Poll:

  • U.S. House: Conole – 46% Williams – 42%
  • (September: William 45% Conole 40%)
  • Governor: Hochul – 48% Zeldin – 45%
  • (September: Zeldin 47% Hochul 44%)
  • Small Lead for Republicans Williams & Zeldin Last Month Become Small Leads for Democrats Conole & Hochul Heading into Final Days of Campaign;
  • Conole Favorability, 35-35%; Williams Favorability, 26-38%

Siena College Research Institute pollster Steven Greenberg said: “Conole now holds a small four-point lead over Williams, 46-42%, after trailing 45-40% last month. Both candidates continue to do well with voters of their own party, although Conole gets support from 14% of Republicans, compared to Williams’ 9% support from Democrats. Conole has opened a six-point lead with independents, after trailing by double digits last month. Additionally, while Williams continues to lead among men – 15 points last month, 16 points now – Conole has increased his lead among women from six points to 21 points. Both candidates remain unknown to about one-third of voters but Conole has a better favorability rating, 35-35%, than Williams, 26-38%.

“Similarly, voters now give Hochul a small three-point lead, 48-45%, after backing Zeldin 47-44% last month. Over the last several weeks – as millions of dollars have been spent applauding and attacking Williams and Conole, and the Micron deal was announced – a small Republican edge has turned into a small Democratic edge. In this district with slightly more Democrats than Republicans, which Biden carried by seven points, anything can happen in these final days.”